Terms of use –

The buyer is responsible for editing styled stock images as desired for their own personal or business use.  Cristina Elisa Photography LLC will not add text, images, or overlays to photographs sold.  Cristina Elisa Photography LLC is not responsible for adding images to your website, blog, or shop design.  Buyer will need both access to, and experience with photo editing software in order to adjust the image(s).

Your purchase of styled stock photographs comes with a non-exclusive limited use license. The buyer may insert or overlay their own image, add text, crop, and/or size the image to best fit it’s intended commercial or personal use. You may not alter, edit, or manipulate the original image in any way. Cristina Elisa Photography LLC maintains the original copyright and is the sole owner of the image. You may not sell, transfer, share, loan, give, or in any other way allow use of the image by a third party. The purchaser may not claim styling, design, or original image downloaded as their own.

On-site product photography, portrait photography, or custom works will vary based on the scope of the project.