Dear parents,

I’m excited to take school portraits at STMA again this year! I am a fellow STMA parent. My children,  Elisa and Luke, are in 7th and 3rd grade. My goal is to provide a more personalized experience than large school photography chains. Portraits are done in a style that achieves natural expressions, rather than forced smiles and stiff poses.

I have 1-2 minutes per student on picture day. That said, some children are very comfortable in front of the camera, while others are not. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to help me get to know your child(ren). The contact information provided is solely for the purpose of me getting in touch with you when your gallery is ready.

FAQs –

When is picture day?
October 12th for grades 2-8
October 13th for PreK-1
Make up day is October 19th
Send your students in their winter uniform.
If your preschooler does not attend on Thursdays, your teacher will contact you with instructions.

How do I view my gallery?
Galleries are e-mailed to parents about 2 weeks after the make up day. A private link is sent where you can view and order photos. I will also communicate when galleries are ready through the school. E-mail can go to spam, so please check there if you think something is missing.

Should I pre-order?
No. All ordering is done through your gallery, once you’ve had a chance to see your photos. 

How do I order?
Ordering is done online. Galleries remain open for 7 days. Print orders must be placed in this 7 day period. Please pay attention to the expiration date. I am able keep school portrait rates competitive, only by placing a large volume of orders at once. Additionally, a portion of orders placed in this window is donated to the school. I hand deliver all print orders to school for distribution. Digital images are delivered via e-mail within 2 business days.

How can I reach you?
via e-mail or phone 301-744-7237.

Thank you for completing the information below. It makes for the best picture day possible. I am looking forward to seeing all the students!

If your child wears glasses, do you prefer them on or off? (Please note I do my best to avoid glare on glasses, however it's not always possible. Editing out glare or lightening transition lenses will incur an additional fee)

Do you allow use of your child(ren)'s image in a sneak peek or update about student pictures?

6 + 6 =

Cristina Elisa Photography is located in Frederick, MD and specializes in natural light, and black and white photography.

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