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The Aspiring Mompreneurs

About The Aspiring Mompreneurs If you are reading this post, chances are you are a mom and small business owner too. I decided to start a group for fellow moms in the same boat as me. As mompreneurs, it is so easy to get...

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How have I done nothing today!?!?

Do you ever wonder how a whole day goes by and you get nothing done? As a mompreneur, I think a lot of us feel like that. Whether you are also a mompreneur, stay at home parent, or small business owner, a lot of us fall victim...

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Watercolor bundles for Instagram

Recently I wrote a post on adding more “me” into my work. I have to say since taking up that mantra, my love for my work has just multiplied exponentially! I realized I was stuck in that rut as a small business owner...

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Vacation mode!

Declaring emergency vacation mode! Alright everyone, I’m not sure what is happening.  We are expecting a blizzard, that I know for sure! However, internet company is having outages on and off and we are a full day away...

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