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More Silver and Gold!

If you know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with Silver & Gold lately! I love the bright, simple, elegant look of it.  I have so many props now in Silver & Gold, I’m guessing I have no choice but to decorate...

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Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Styled Stock Photography is now in the etsy shop!  I know I know, it’s barely Halloween, and I know I’ll be dreading winter once the snow starts pounding down on us… but right now,...

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What about vertical?

I’ve been hearing the grumbling… what about vertical styled stock photography?  How come there is hardly any out there?  Does anyone do it? Well, yes, I have seen a handful of styled stock images with a vertical...

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The Hive & Co

I am so honored to be chosen as this week’s Small Biz Friday Featurette by The Hive & Co. If you aren’t following them yet, you should! These are two awesome ladies who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow...

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Seven Dollar Specials!

Introducing $7 specials!I’ve come up with a plan to offer seven dollar specials! How do I choose my $7 specials? Well, there are a couple of reasons I’d make something a $7 Special. There is the practical, some images are just...

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FLASH SALE – Limited Time

I will be promoting my shop for a limited time and offering 50% off!! Enter coupon code FLASH at checkout at Shop today while the sale is going on!  Even the sets of 3 are 50% off!...

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