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Hello and welcome to Cristina Elisa Photography. Here you will learn a little more about me, not just about my photography. I hope to get to know you soon too!

I’m a Rhode Island girl, born and raised. My family and I just moved to Virginia Beach, VA from Frederick, MD where we were for almost 11 years! It is sad to leave behind so many great friends and clients, but I am looking forward to life near the water again 🙂 I cannot wait to start offering portrait sessions and maybe dabble in some seascape photogrpahy here, once my business officially transfers from one state to the other.

I have to say my photography journey started when I was seven. My Nana gave me her old 110mm film camera and I fell in love with taking pictures and getting them developed. It would be many years before I started my formal training however. That didn’t start until I went to The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. At Holy Cross I studied Spanish and Art History and met my best friend, who is now my husband! It’s also where I finally got to take photography classes, learned on a fully manual camera, and worked in a darkroom to process and edit my film into prints. After college, I got a “real job” and worked in trading technology in Boston, NYC, and Houston for nearly a decade. Through those years, I kept working on photography as a hobby. I’d take classes when I could (Houston TX has a wonderful photography school by the way) but it was tough to balance with my work schedule. As a creative at heart, this was soul crushing.

It wasn’t until our daughter was born that photography took on more importance for me. There she was, this perfectly precious little baby. I realized time would fly and worried I wouldn’t be able to remember the little details about her. I wanted to remember it all, from how tiny her features were, to how soft and fluffy her hair was. I knew I had to capture it in portraits, so I took it upon myself to re-learn photography. DSLR’s and digital processing are quite different from what I was used to. I’m glad I learned, because I was able to capture the same when our son was born, and I continue taking their portraits as they grow. The funny thing for me is, I don’t realize how much they change in our day to day life. Looking back at pictures from a year or two ago though, and WOW, it’s incredible to see how much they’ve changed. My goal as a photographer is to capture those memories for you. I want to freeze time, even for just a moment, and have you be able to look back at that particular age or stage in their lives with joy and love. My children are now 6 & 10 and some of the cutest kids around in my opinion.

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To complete our family, we have two double-doodles (mom is a labradoodle and dad is a goldendoodle) who are the sweetest pups ever! They are named Comet & Cupid, and yes, we named them after Santa’s reindeer 😉 Here they are celebrating Cupid’s birthday at Christmas time.

Cristina's dogs

Beyond family, work, and puppies keeping me busy, I love trying my hand at anything artistic or crafty, playing tennis, volunteering at my children’s school, and preparing and eating my family’s Colombian recipes, yum! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, I’d love to connect soon!

Cristina Elisa Photography is now located in Virginia Beach, VA and specializes in natural light, and black and white photography.

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