Greenery for 2017

Pantone has called it, and Greenery is the color of the year for 2017! What do you think of the color? Personally, I had to warm up to the idea. I had heard Pantone decided on a green, and greens just generally are not my thing. When I heard it was Greenery, my mindset changed. I hear the word greenery and my mind goes to beautiful, lush, and serene places. That’s something I really enjoy and can find beauty in. I went from being disappointed about green to excited for Greenery! You can read Pantone’s color description here. I strongly urge you to do so. It’s described beautifully and there is also an awesome color-pairing guide towards the end.

I’m excited to release my latest collection of styled stock images featuring beautiful plants rather than flowers this time! I hope you are signed up for my newsletter. You don’t want to miss the freebies that are coming out of this collection. With Greenery being the color of the year, I am certain you will be able to get so much use out of these images. I look forward to incorporating more and more greenery throughout the year.

Greenery Styled Stock Photography, Pantone 2017, Black and White styled stock, Cristina Elisa Photography LLC