Oh my goodness, I am just freaking out!! I love portrait sessions and I rarely get to do them. It is just so difficult to accomplish on your own with two little kids in tow. I have been so lucky to have my mom visiting these past two weeks, she helped me watch the kids while I practiced. What was meant to be a beach location scouting session, turned into the most beautiful Abuelita and grandchildren photo session.

It seems like everyone is so focused on immediate family sessions, but after seeing these, I strongly encourage grandparent sessions!! There is nothing like the love between grandparents & grandchildren. Maybe I am biased, but these just make my heart melt. Both my mom and daughter celebrated birthdays the week before. I think we all love how close their birthdays are and this picture of the two of them looking so beautiful is just precious! I am calling this one “The Birthday Girls.” Isn’t this so sweet?


Golden Hour Photography, Family Session, Grandparent Session, Grandmother and Granddaughter, Lake Photography, Cristina Elisa Photography

We chose a beachy look for everyone and went just before sunset. The color palette is one of my favorites, I love the whites on my mom with the darker stripes paired with the soft pastels on the kids. Their looks are different, but they pull together to create such a pretty nautical look, which is one of my favorites! These came out so soft and beautiful, but the best part was that we made some awesome memories together! We all had such a fun time and it was an evening I’m sure we won’t soon forget.

I’ve pulled together some of my favorites here. The tough part is going to be narrowing down all the images we got in that hour! How do you choose!??! That’s always the struggle, at least for me!

Golden Hour Photography, Family Session, Grandparent Session, Beach Photo session, Lake Photography, Cristina Elisa Photography


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