Do you ever wonder how a whole day goes by and you get nothing done? As a mompreneur, I think a lot of us feel like that. Whether you are also a mompreneur, stay at home parent, or small business owner, a lot of us fall victim to this mindset. This is an old post I wrote on Facebook. I can’t believe I never thought to share it here. While this was written shortly after Christmas, I still feel like this pretty much sums up every day.

“How have I done nothing today!?” Anyone else who is a parent, small business owner, or both has probably said that to themselves on occasion. I say this to myself a lot!! It seriously feels like I get nothing done sometimes. When I said it to myself today, I thought about what I have actually done. Ready? Here goes …
Got the kids up and all of us ready for the day and fed. Fed the dogs, took them out. Got to school on time for the first time since Christmas vacation(bonus!) Fulfilled my treasurer duties by going to the bank for school. Went to the market to get the sour cream I forgot. Gave my son a snack while cleaning the kitchen (ok, maybe I just put the dishes away) and then put him down for a nap. Taught myself how to use quicktime. Made my first video tutorial for my business woo-hoo!!! Solved the 11 day mystery of Scooter’s (our dog’s) prescription refill. Tried to feed son lunch. Googled “My dog ate that babybel wax” because that’s just the sort of thing Hercules (the other dog) likes to do. Luckily I found out he will be fine, it just might have a laxative effect… great! Cooked dinner because Thursday is by far the worst day on Earth, my daughter has piano, dance, and I have a PTO meeting twice a month. All things have an odd 40 minutes or so in between which is too long to stick in one place, too short to go anywhere without being late for the next thing, ugh! Fed the dogs a snack and take them out b/c if I don’t they will be flipping out by the time we get home. Made it to the meeting, phew!

Now here I am, waiting at dance while my son plays in the lobby. Getting all of this down and taking a minute to breath while I think about dinners, baths, homework, round 2 of the dogs dinner, and then bedtime!!! Somewhere in that time my hubby will be home, we get to eat together and hopefully relax with a nice glass of wine while watching The Food Network.

There you have it. A sample of a day in the life of a mompreneur. Wow, I actually did do something with myself today! 😉 So there you have it, if you’ve ever wondered how you’ve accomplished nothing in a day, take a minute to think about it. You will see you’ve done a lot! Hooray 🙂

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