Recently I wrote a post on adding more “me” into my work. I have to say since taking up that mantra, my love for my work has just multiplied exponentially! I realized I was stuck in that rut as a small business owner that is very easy to get trapped in… the comparison rut. I was trying to put my own spin on items that were already out there. It seemed like everything had been done, so I had to find a way to take what’s been done successfully and make it my own.

Being a photographer, I tried different props, different color schemes, different angles. Nothing felt right. It didn’t feel right until I started adding my own creativity. In the last article I talked about my use of clay and paper to build my unique props.

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Today I’m here to introduce my watercolor backgrounds! This is the first set and it’s been released on Etsy @ Cristina Elisa Images already. I don’t how far I will go with watercolors, for now my plan is oodles and oodles of these pretty backgrounds for Instagram, #StyleMyGram style. We’ll see though. That’s what I love so much about creativity, the possibilities are just endless!

Go put your creativity to work today!! 🙂