I can’t help it!  My Silver and Gold obsession is persisting.  I’ve added more Silver and Gold Holiday images to the Styled Stock Photography Shop on Etsy.  Adding all these holiday images has gotten me in the Holiday spirit.

A few weeks back, I announced a section called $7 specials, well… for this weekend only… I’m making everything a $7 Special!!  Yes, all listings are $7 only, even the Styled Stock Sets!  You can get three high resolution images for the price of one Special Styled Stock Photo.  Woah!

If you’ve been thinking about Styled Stock Photography, now is the time to give it a try.  Combine it with my current promo code for November and you can save 20% more on your entire order!  Visit the shop to get the promo code from my shop announcements. Time to “stock” up folks 😉

Happy Shopping!

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